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Engaging the biogenetics community in a dialogue about doing greater research in identifying the long term effects of biogenetic ‘enhancements’ of the human species.


Working to identify those elements of ‘shared humanity’ that make mankind what it is.


Though we LOVE technology, we alert governments around the world of their need for greater governance of technologies. These technologies may look helpful at the outset but could do long term harm to the integrity of the human species.

Great Quotes

  • In the next 10 years, as a collective race, we'll see more exponential change than we have seen in the last 100 years.   We want to be intentional about maintaining deeply important values as the human race ‘races’ into change.  That is why we identify those values that are innate within us and highlight them as foundation stones that should not change but we should build our future on.
    Andrew Sievright
  • Damon of Athens said “Give me the songs of a nation and it does not matter who writes their laws.”
  • Natural Law reveals unchanging values, and as humanity positions itself in line with those values it thrives, when it doesn’t it dies.
  • In America they have created a lot of Grand Palaces here, but they forgot to create the noblemen to go in them.
    David Thoreau
  • Humanities cultural values are the womb great generations can come from.
    Andrew Sievright



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