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Sue O.

Sue O.

Research Associate

Sue comes to us from the San Francisco Bay Area, in the heart of Silicon Valley. She grew up in San Jose. She was educated and received a BA in Management at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA. She worked for several years at Apple Computer in Technical Support and as a Finance and Business Analyst. Her career took her to Stanford University, where she assisted several Professors in the School of Medicine and the School of Humanities and Sciences, both in research and the administration of their offices and labs. Through Stanford, she gained depth of experience in successful grant writing, faculty administration and most importantly to us, research support.

Sue has also done extensive foreign travel of a humanitarian nature to many developing countries. She has been to Ghana, Africa, and various trips to South East Asia, specifically Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India (Meghalaya), Thailand and Cambodia. She was actually in Cambodia in 2004 when the tsunami hit but was unharmed. These experiences have given her scope of knowledge and wisdom that is invaluable to our endeavors here at the Summit.

Her personal interests include music (guitar), travel and most any water sport (swimming, boating, water polo, snorkeling, scuba diving).

She comes to our Research Institute in Redding with a huge breadth of experience, knowledge and resources with a heart to serve and support our goals.