Andrew Sievright

Andrew Sievright

President, Founder

Andrew Sievright is a successful futurist, technologist, humanitarian, author, published songwriter, and entrepreneur. He has been passionate about these areas of interest from a young age. His father, a successful businessman and award-winning symphonic composer, trained Andrew in music and the principles of corporate management. When Andrew was eighteen, he started and oversaw what would in time be several successful businesses. In 1991, he turned his attention to international development and aid, with a special interest in helping at-risk children. To that end, Andrew joined Youth with a Mission (YWAM), one of the world’s largest relief and mercy organizations, where he donated 5 years of his time as a volunteer in the role of base director for a staff of 110.

Andrew applied his years of business experience to the base’s training center and the development of ten schools. These schools dispatched graduates to 250 locations across the globe, where they brought help of a humanitarian nature. Along with a variety of mercy and relief projects, Andrew was exposed to the needs of orphans. The dilapidated condition of many orphanages he saw, particularly in the 3rd world, grieved him deeply. From his personal experience traveling around the world and seeing the needs of orphans, he designed a new paradigm of a self-sufficient business-operations model for orphanages. His dream was for an orphanage that would empower orphans to become leaders through excellent education and leadership training, with the campus itself remaining financially self-sustainable through local business ventures. In 1999, the vision for his organization, Heroes of the Nation (HTN) in Kenya, was birthed.

That same year, Andrew started what became a thriving internet business focused on monetizing internet search traffic. He opened offices in Newport Beach, CA. and in Romania. His company was monetizing the traffic of more than 100 million web visitors a month and earned millions in net profits.

In 2002, Andrew decided to put his vision for Heroes of the Nation into action. He donated the majority of the profits from the sale of his California beach home to start the orphanage/school. He began the process of buying land and hiring staff (now at 60), and construction commenced. He mentored Dr. Weston and Violet Gitonga in the leadership of the HTN campus. They would carry his vision to create a campus that would equip and empower orphans to be future leaders for Africa.

Today, the Heroes of the Nation campus is the largest orphanage in Kenya, educating and caring for over 500 children. Government officials have applauded the successful model of HTN, recognizing its impact on orphans and the local community. Andrew continues as CEO of this international organization and consults with others interested in implementing his ‘new paradigm’ orphanage prototype at their own orphanages.

In 2006, Andrew downsized his search traffic business in order to put the majority of his efforts into humanitarian pursuits. He still maintains a successful but much smaller online business and is very involved with HTN.

Andrew has always been an avid researcher on future trends in science and culture. He has been on a lifelong study of the inner motivations of mankind from a scientific perspective. In 2011, he started the Summit Research Institute to find evidence of mankind’s ‘hardwired’ ethical/moral code in a world where technological invention is outpacing mankind’s own understanding of itself. Similar to the discovery of DNA, there is growing evidence that within the human spirit, mind, and body, there is a system that causes us, as a species, to hold hundreds of innate values in common that transcend our societal, religious, and family upbringing. Science is embarking on this discovery of a “plumb-line” code, resident in all people, which resonates with similar natural laws in the universe. Instead of aimlessly drifting in moral relativism, The Summit seeks to identify this resident code with the goal that it could be used as the foundation stone upon which to build humanity’s future.

As historical and ethical foundations erode, people are seeking an understanding of how the universe is informing us to live. The Summit Research Institute is doing an in-depth investigation of evidence that points to an inherent ethical ‘true north’ that is common to all people and identifying how to embed these values for generations to come.

Andrew hosts “Summits” with leaders of industries and the arts at his retreat center, overlooking Lake Shasta, where they come together in the spirit of altruism and friendship to work, study, and collaborate on solutions and creative works of a humanitarian nature.

Andrew is in the process of writing numerous books about The Summit’s research, to be announced soon.