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About Us

Bringing leaders together from all spheres of influence in order to find overarching solutions to crucial needs in the world, while cultivating lasting friendships and growing as social entrepreneurs.


The Summit Research Institute finds its roots among Ben Franklin’s Juntas Society, bringing together intelligent minds for the improvement of society. Since Franklin started the first think tank, many have come to exist. But few have learned the principles that nurture creativity at the highest level, in a group or in an individual, in order to bring the genesis of breakthrough solutions and the ‘big idea’.

As researchers and hosts, our role is to stimulate, motivate, educate, and inspire the selected ‘nucleus’ groups that are part of our network so that they can create significant solutions for mankind. Please explore our site and get a greater understanding of our areas of focus.

More About Us



The Summit is a Research Institute and Think Tank. It is our goal to bring leaders together from all over the world, to study and identify issues that affect the quality of human life. At this time, because of the rapid rate of technological change, we are focusing on helping identify and affirm values that are ‘foundational to the core of’ what it means to be human, and helping society preserve those essential values.


The Summit is a Research Institute, therefore we research issues and concerns, as well as discover and document various possible solutions. We are partnering with many world leaders in order to get these recommended solutions implemented.


We believe at the Summit, that there are issues of a dire nature upon the horizon. We feel a duty and a calling to participate and do something about it. We do not feel like we have “all the answers”, yet collectively, along with the brightest minds and willing hearts, we can make a difference.

Summit Retreats

Andrew hosts gatherings or “Summits” at the retreat center, overlooking Lake Shasta. Leaders of various industries and in the arts, come together as altruist friends working, studying and collaborating on solutions and creative works of a humanitarian nature.